5 Creative Design/Architecture Of A Home

Home Construction is not an easy task because a lot of consideration is required for it. Opportunely, a lot of options related to the exterior designing and architecture of a home. Because of the recent advancement and modernization of technologies, the construction companies are provided with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. This modernization has led to an extension of the traditional building designs.

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A solid approach to compact planning is required to carry out the process of building a home smoothly. The exterior of a house also depicts the taste of a person and adds value to it. In a workplace, a right architecture not only increases the productivity but also inspires people to reach higher values. Some ideas about different architectural designs and exterior decoration of homes and other buildings have been discussed below:

Cape Cod:

Cape cods were initially introduced in the era of 1600s. The architecture of these cape cods seems to take inspiration from the thatched cottages in Britain. However, these houses have many steep roofs and massive chimneys for tolerating the harshly cold winters of the North-East. Some of the other architectural specialties of these houses include cedar shingles, dormer windows and front doors flanked by the windows. Cape cods are an excellent choice if a customer is looking for a stylish yet affordable architecture.

Art Deco:

This architectural design, commonly followed by multi-storey buildings has several origins. It has its roots deeply embedded in the Hollywood style of the 1930s with a few chunks of Egyptian style and tropical hues of Miami Beach. Buildings modeled in accordance to Art Deco have stucco walls which are smooth and have rounded corners. There are flat roofs and gallant decoration of the exterior. Art Deco is mostly picked up by office constructions and buildings.

Craftsman Architecture:

Homes inspired by Craftsman styles are usually bungalows which mainly rely on the use of all natural material. The cottages are made up of simple objects like bricks, stones and lots of wood. Craftsman architecture looks its origin from the Arts and Crafts Movement and feature roofs with a low pitch and broad porches at the front. The interior is rather straightforward and spacious. Simplicity is the keynote in these types of construction.

Contemporary Style:

It is to be kept in mind that there lies a difference between the modern and contemporary architecture of a home. The particularities of this style of homes and building include the use of sustainable material, focusing on energy efficiency and using recycled material which is potentially non-toxic. Contemporary style homes and buildings are designed to entertain a lot of sunlight.

Colonial Architecture:

The colonial architecture was first introduced in the 1600s and treats a diversity in the styles. The concept of minimalist use of colors is visible throughout the exterior which is soothing to the eyes. Buildings are either square or rectangle in shape with a perfect geometry. Shutters and clapboard sidings are some of other features exhibited in colonial architecture. Peculiar arrangements of windows and a pitched roof are commonly included in such a building.